When to Spray Tan Before Vacation

Keeping your skin healthy and attractive should be among your top health priorities. One of the ways you can take care of your skin is by taking the sunless tanning procedure. Also known as UV filled tanning, the procedure involves the application of chemicals on your skin to give it an appearance that is similar to a suntan. Here’s everything you need to know about spray tanning before a vacation.

Preparing for a Spray Tan

Start by allowing your old spray tan to completely fade away before getting a fresh one. Note that a good spray tan gives your skin the perfect looks for going on a vacation. Take time to gently exfoliate your skin before making a spray tan appointment. When moisturizing the skin, consider using natural moisturizers since they aim at giving your skin vibrant looks without taking a toll on the skin cells.

Body Tan

Scheduling a sunless tan appointment is an important aspect in the spray tan planning process. You should always book the appointment one or two days before going on a vacation. Confirm with the specialist regarding the reservation to ensure that you get the procedure done on time. You need to also have a sure timeline for travelling before booking the sunless tan appointment.

Be sure to pack aftercare products such as sunscreen, sunless glow crème, moisturizer, shower gel or sulfate free soap. Include these items in your backpack together with clothing and other relevant vacation gear. If your trip will last more than one week, check the destination for local spray tan specialists and book another appointment. Set a reminder on your phone for you to attend the appointment before your current spray tan completely fades off.

Do You Need a Spray Tanning Machine?

The spray tan machine will help you change your skin’s color to tan without wasting the liquid. The machine uses a HVLP Premium spray tanning gun to exert low pressure and high volume of air flow to your skin. HVLP, in this case, stands for ‘high volume air flow and low pressure’. A HVLP system lets you spray tan accurately without causing any spills unlike other air systems.

Maintaining the Spray Tan

Avoid swimming hot water when you have the spray tan on. Hot tubs tend to fade and remove the sunless tan from your skin. Choose germ-free swimming pools when you’re on vacation.


You can also apply a sizeable amount of sunscreen on your skin to keep the color especially if you like swimming. Choose a suitable lotion formula and stay as much as you can from scented lotions and aerosols.

How Long Does the Spray Tan Last?

Your spray tan can last from about five to ten days depending on the environment you’re in. it may also fade early as your body eliminates old skin cells and makes room for skin regeneration. Your skin’s general nature and the aftercare attention you adopt can determine when the spray tan will last. Aftercare attention, in this case, involves the skin care products that you use to keep you skin vibrant and moisturized.