6 Travel Essentials

Equipping yourself while traveling is vital. When going out on a trip, there are a few things you need to carry along to ensure everything goes right. Here are 6 Travel Essentials you need to have with you at all times:


PhoneYour phone keeps you in communication with your family and friends. Ensure in it is your full contact list and the numbers you can reach in case of an emergency. Having a phone charger will ensure you don’t run out of charge while traveling. If not, have a power bank that is fully charged for this purpose. Your phone waterproof case to prevent it from getting dirty or spoiled by water. A pair of headsets or earphones to keep you entertained with your favorite radio station or playlist is also good to have in your bag.


After your fare, extra cash should be among the most important things to carry. You will be required to pay for your bills and other services. Have some money in your wallet, purse or in mobile banking. In case of an emergency, you can be able to bail out yourself or buy souvenirs for yourself and gifts for friends and family members.


CashYou are traveling and you need directions to your destination and other places you would love to visit. Before traveling, you can roll out a map and print it from the internet in case your phone doesn’t connect well to the network. The map will indicate major and minor cities, streets and paths. On the map should be a compass direction and the distance between various locations. You will need the way on your way to, and from your destination to avoid losing your way.


Whether healthy, sick or having certain health conditions, carrying your medication is the right thing to do in case you fall sick while away from home. If you intend to travel and you experience sickness that comes with vehicle or plane movements, speak to your doctor prior to travel to get the right medication. Sometimes traveling brings about fatigue and headache. Carrying along painkillers is a good idea. People with delicate health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, ulcers and other sicknesses should have their medications in case of an attack. Writing a small note on the prescription will help if the situation gets out of hand and you will need to be helped by people around you.


A bookNo matter the distance or location you are traveling to, carrying an extra pair of clothes will save you a great deal. The weather might get bad and you will need to keep yourself warm to avoid getting cold-related diseases. A scarf, shawl or a jacket will work if you are on short travels. If on a long travel, pack up a suitcase with enough clothes to sustain you until you return.

A book

Traveling especially with people you don’t know can be boring. Having a book to read will keep you entertained and busy. Select the best from your library and carry a book mark with you to mark you have left.