5 Bucket-List Marathons in the United States

Several marathons take place in the United States every year. These marathons are attributed to different factors such as history, major experience, and traditions. Some people take part in marathons for fun, to keep healthy, noble course and as a career. If you are a runner, you should note early the date for the marathon, register to be a participant and have all the requirements.

The United States marathons attract people from all parts of the world. The highest percentage of runners is athletes who run to win awards. With over 1000 marathons in the United States, a runner may find it hard trying to select the top ones to participate in. However, if you are a runner, do not worry as here is a list of the best marathons in the U.S.

1. Boston Marathon.

Boston marathon is the ultimate bucket-list for all runners in the us marathons. It is considered to be the biggest marathons in the United States.


It takes place in April at Boston, Massachusetts. Runners are required to register in advance to qualify for this event. Most of the people who run for the Boston Marathon are athletes competing for prizes and cash.

2. Marine Corps Marathon.

The marathon acts as a celebration of resilience and commitment and discipline showcased by the United States Marine Corps.

The marathon is ideal for families and beginners, and it does not offer prizes or money to the winners rather all finishers are celebrated. To participate in this marathon, you need to register with a fee at their website.

3. Honolulu Marathon.

The marathon takes place in December, and it is open for everyone. The marathon is famous for the scenic coastal views of Hawaii.


If you are planning on taking part in the jaw-dropping marathon, ensure that you book the hotels early since most of them are fully booked close to the marathon day. Also when you book early, you get discounted pricing for then run.

4. NYC Marathon.

The marathon aims at helping the youth and the community through programs in New York City. To qualify for the marathon, you need to win a lottery on their website or through charity programs.

You should note that all the money raised in this marathon is used as donations hence an added reasons why you should consider the NYC marathon.

5. Walt Disney Marathon.

If you are planning on participating on marathons with your kids and friends, this is the marathon for you. Runners are always excited to take part in this marathon as it reminds them of their childhood Disney memories. The marathon takes place every year, January in Florida.

With the many marathons in the United States, make sure that you join at least once a year. If you want to give back to the community in a healthy way, then marathons are the way to go. Make sure that you save the date and time on your calendar for reminders, get comfortable clothing, plan for your travel if you are far, register early enough and get ready.